Following the Trail of Bernard C. Welch, The Notorious “Ghost Burglar”

Master Burglar, Con Artist and Murderer

Dr. Michael Halberstam

The Murder Weapon

5th Burglary That Night

Getaway Car

Great Falls, VA Home

Virginia Home Pool

Duluth, MN Summer Home

Captured December 5, 1980

Fur Coats Sent to Duluth

Duluth News Tribune Sunday, July 29, 1979. Ad for a seamstress

Welch Trial

6 Year Crime-Spree, Burglarized 3,500 – 4,000 Homes

When Arrested

The Last Haul


A Career Criminal

Two Precious Metal Smelters in Each Home

Selling the Goods

“Super Max” Prison

Chicago Metropolitan, Correctional Center – MCC

Posted at the BWCA Entry Points

An Early Photo

Known Aliases

Halberstam vs Hamilton