Ghost Burglar Reviews

"From the first page...I was gripped. And the story features characters and plot twists as interesting as nearly anything by the masterful [Elmore] Leonard."

--Ed Newman, Ennyman's Territory

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"Tremendous read! Anyone who reads this story will never again refer to burglary as merely a 'property crime'!"
--Mark S. Rubin, St. Louis County Attorney

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"During the 1970s, Duluth, Minnesota, was subjected to the crimes of two outrageously bold sociopaths: Marjorie Congdon Caldwell and Bernard C. Welch Jr. Having prosecuted Marjorie for the Glensheen murders and followed her subsequent criminal endeavors, I found Bernard Welch's life of crime to be equally aggravating and frustrating, yet spellbinding and captivating. I couldn't put this book down until I had read every detail of the life of this master burglar, con man, and killer."
--John E. DeSanto, co-author of Will to Murder, Minnesota Sixth Judicial District Judge

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