Monday, March 12, 2012

The Ghost Burglar: More Lives Than A Cat

Bernard C. Welch circa 1977
Virginia DMV photo
Bernard Welch, the master of deceit, was an expert at hiding in plain sight. Seems like the old "cat" was just as adept at stealing identities as pilfering Sterling silver. He devised two more aliases than a cat has lives. Seven of these names were used while he was an escaped convict. Amazingly, he even had a few state-issued driver's licenses with his name and photo on them. 

Bernard C. Welch Jr. was also known as:
1. Richard Alan Sachner
2. Jerry Lloyd
3. Bernard Miles
4. John William Landis
5. Myron Henry "Hank" Snow
6. Larry Lee Boone
7. Norman Heiman
8. Norm Hamilton
9. Darryl Brown
10. Robert Leroy Wilson
11. Fred Rogers

Fred Rogers was the name he gave to arresting officers in Greensburg, Pa. in 1985.  He just couldn't resist driving a stolen BMW 630 CSi. 
 - Jack Burch

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